Save up to 75% on pre-owned and refurbished electronic test and measurement equipment.

Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Signal Generators, Sweepers, Power Sources, Loads & More.

If you are looking for a fancy website, we don’t have one. If you want to save money on your purchase of the exact same guaranteed quality used or refurbished test equipment, as you can buy from the larger test equipment dealers, then you are at the right place. We don’t have a large staff of personel or overhead so we can almost always provide you the best prices for the exact same quality. Most test equipment dealers do not have anywhere near all the test equipment that they advertise on their websites. They hope to get orders and then after they have an interested party, they send out emails to the dealer network they have established, to find what you requested, for the best price. I can do the exact same thing with my network of approximately 200 dealers worldwide; but I do not have sales people to pay or a huge facility to operate. Also, virtually everything advertised on my site is actually in stock; unlike many dealers. I can have any equipment you purchase calibrated to NIST standards. Everything we sell comes with a 7 day Right of Return and a 30 day warranty minimum, so you know you are not getting stuck with a piece of junk. We will work hard, to make certain you are happy with your purchase.

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We have a large inventory available in house, at massive savings for you. If you want something, we probably have it. In the event that we do not, we will go to work for you to secure the test equipment you need, at the best possible price available. We will test and verify all equipment to verify performance prior to shipping it to you. Because of our low overhead, we can almost always get the same equipment as other dealers, for a far better price. Your complete satisfaction with each purchase is our number one goal. Equipment can be NIST calibrated if needed. We have many satisfied corporate customers, as well as many universities, that buy from us repeatedly, because we do a good job for them, as we will for you. Our inventory is constantly changing so visit our website often.

For a free no obligation quote, email or call cell 1(760)473-1732 or land line 1(209)386-7544. We want to help you find what you are  looking for.


Need a specific piece of equipment for a project but don’t want another asset on your books. Test equipment rental may be the solution you’re looking for. For a free no obligation quote, email or call us. or cell 1(760)473-1732 or land line 1(209)386-7544.